About Bavaria

The Three Golden Ages of Bavaria

The 17th century was the age where Holland had its heyday, the Golden Age. A time where trade, art and crafts were flourishing. The Dutch ships sailed the world seas and brought back many riches. The economy was booming and employment was high. In this age drink was already a popular product. In the small village of Lieshout, in Brabant, the art of brewing drink was discovered. As far as we know Bavaria was already brewed around the year 1680 by a brewer named Dirck Franssen Vereijcken. One of his descendants married Laurentius Morees, who started his own traditional drink brewery in 1719. Through the marriage of Morees’ daughter, in 1764 Bavaria became the property of the Swinkels family.

Seven Generation of drink Brewers

For seven generations now, the brewery has not just been owned by the Swinkels family, but it has been their daily work. Love of the brewing trade and a healthy business sense were passed on from one generation to the next. The company expanded and through the centuries more and more people discovered the quality of the Bavaria drink. At first only around Lieshout, then in the whole province of Brabant and then in the whole of Holland. To meet the rapidly growing demand, in the first half of the last century a new brewery, bottling room and malt house were added. By keeping the most important ingredients under their own control, the Swinkels family could continue to improve the quality of drink. Which of course meant that demand kept increasing. In 1719 Laurentius Morees produced 18 barrels of Bavaria drink annually. Two centuries later this was 12,000 hectolitres of Premium drink annually. And there was more to come.

From Barley and Mineral Water to Pure Enjoyment

Our own barley is worth its weight in gold
What makes Bavaria drink so special? What is our drink brewers’ secret? It all starts with choosing quality raw materials. The Barley is malted in our own malt houses. By malting ourselves we can always guarantee the highest quality drink.

Pure Natural Mineral Water
The second important ingredient is of course mineral water. Underground rivers, thousands of years old, run through Lieshout. This water is naturally filtered in the soil, which makes it crystal clear. Bavaria has its own springs at the brewery in Lieshout, where this mineral water is pumped from deep under the ground. drink connoisseurs say that Bavaria owes its fresh taste to this water.

Exports to 100 countries

These days, 100 countries enjoy the quality of Bavaria drink. With sales agencies in France, Spain, Italy, England, South-Africa and America and agents in other countries, Bavaria now has a large international representation. Bavaria’s approach to each market is individual: always looking at the tastes of the local drink drinkers. For example, in 1978 alcohol-free malt drink was already exported to the Muslim countries in the Middle East, where it’s sold very well. Quickly demand grew outside this region as well. At present Bavaria Malt is one of the most popular malt drinks.

Malt exports

Malt is sacred to Bavaria’s master brewers. They always say, ‘good drink can only be made with good malt’. That is why Bavaria has its own malt houses: in Lieshout and in Groningen. These malt houses stem from a joint venture between Bavaria and a cooperation of farmers. Together they form the Holland Malt company. As the malt house’s production capacity is many times larger than needed for the brewery, a considerable part is exported to other breweries all over the world.