0.0% Alcohol Guaranteed

Unique Brewing Process

Bavaria Non Alcoholic Malt has a world wide reputation of uniqueness and a good taste. As a result of the unique patented technology used in the Bavaria brewing process, no alcohol formation ever takes place in the brewing process. Below you will find an explanation of the three methods of production, used in the non alcoholic malt production process, of which method 3 is the Bavaria method.
Method 1: Removing alcohol out of existing alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drinks are produced, after which alcohol is subsequently removed by a technique called Extraction or Evaporation. Since alcohol has been present in the product in the fi rst place, this method is not acceptable for people wishing to respect Islamic standards and would therefore be classified as "HARAM."
Method 2: Manufacturing non alcoholic drink using cold contact method. Fermentation is done at low temperatures in combination with a long fermentation time. A very strict fermentation control is necessary in order to avoid an overshot in alcohol production. In addition to the risk of potential alcoholic overshot, there is a risk of fl avour reduction due to an inhomogeneous mixture of worth and cells. The constant risk relating to alcohol content can be problematic for people who wish to maintain strict Islamic standards.
Method 3: Bioreactor technology – used by Bavaria N.V. The bioreactor is used for achieving a controlled fermentation of specially made immobilised yeast cells in which alcohol formation does not take place. With this method there is no need for extraction, no risk of alcohol overshot and no fl avour reduction or cell death. In this way Bavaria N.V. brews a premium Non alcoholic Malt drink that is acceptable to people wishing to respect Islamic standards.

Responsible alcohol consumption

As a company, we want to offer the consumer a choice and help promote responsible alcohol consumption. That is why we invest more than any other brewery in the 0.0% category. Bavaria also supports the concept of "Don't drink and drive." As early as 1978, Bavaria introduced their first Non alcoholic Malt drink. Bavaria 0.0% is often imitated, but never duplicated.